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Thursday, August 18, 2016

5 Wikis you should check out

1. Weegeepedia
 I look at this wiki sometimes. It currently has around 4.5 thousand pages. It is about the Weegee meme (which is basically a weird looking Luigi)

2. Uncyclopedia
 This is a satire-related wiki. With thousands of articles created making fun of stuff (since 2006). They even made their own version of Zork.

3. Minecraft Fanon
 This is a wiki for people who want to show off their Minecraft Fanon. It has almost 1000 articles

4. Community Central
 This wiki is a wiki for users who need help with, well, wikis. It has a very active chat and thousands upon thousands of blog posts to help people with the wikis.

5. YouTube Wiki (WikiTubia)
 This is a good wiki who wish to know more about your favorite YouTuber. What to know a fact about Leafy, I am Leafy.

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